Autism or Maverick Mind?

There are many children who are Mavericks, but have been diagnosed with autism or other mental disorders. Dr. Florance has seen this over and over again in many years of practice. Although the symptoms can look the same, the right help can make a big difference for the Maverick Mind and can give hope of becoming symptom-free with appropriate training.

Mavericks have hope of becoming symptom-free with training

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What is the Visual Brain?

Do you have a dominant visual brain?

The best indicator is your job, as visual brains lead to visual professions – engineer, doctor, pilot, computer expert, graphic designer, artist, dentist

What is a Maverick Mind?

Many Visual Thinkers have severe language and communication problems and are often diagnosed with Autism, ADD, and other mental disorders. These individuals are referred to as Maverick Minds by Dr. Cheri Florance. A Maverick brain functions at above the 99th percentile in the visual pathway and below the 1st percentile in the verbal pathway. However, testing of visual thinkers can be very complex.

Mavericks have such strong visual thinking that an enemy relationship has formed between picture thinking and words.

Click below to see a real example of a Child Visual Brain & Maverick Mind Verbal & Visual Scores
autistic diagnosis verbal test scores

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Evaluating the Maverick Mind 

Are you a good fit for the program?

The visual thinker symptoms are all related to attention, memory, listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Dr. Florance’s research in brain science included devising tests that identify the characteristics of a strong visual brain.

Dr. Florance has designed an assessment that can clearly identify the highly visual thinker – the Maverick.

  • Do strong visual brains run in your family?
  • Are you concerned about problems with communication?

There are 50 symptoms that characterize a Maverick.  Find out how many you have.

At least one parent and sometimes several grandparents are in professions and jobs that require a strong visual brain— engineers, surgeons, architects, designers, computer analysts, and entrepreneurs. Our programs are designed to analyze highly visual thinkers in the family tree, it’s our most critical predictor of success.

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