How I Taught My Son To Talk


A mother was told to put her deaf, mute, autistic son in an institution. Instead, she invented a new lexicon. April 8, 2004 Penny Wark, The Times (London) DOCTORS TOLD BRAIN SPECIALIST CHERI FLORANCE THAT HER SON WAS AUTISTIC, BUT SHE BELIEVED THEY WERE WRONG. SHE TELLS OF HOW SHE RISKED HER WHOLE FAMILY'S

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AUTISM CURED? Whitney’s story


As printed in Natural Medicine Issue July 2008 DR CHERI FLORANCE is the President of Brain Engineering Labs in New York City.  A former National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical researcher, she has helped highly visual children and adults improve attention, memory, listening, reading, writing and speaking for nearly 40 years. Now she consults internationally

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How I saved my son from a living death


A brave mother tells Michelle Stainistreet of her 16-year fight after her child was misdiagnosed as being autistic. April 11, 2004 Michelle Stainistreet, Sunday Express (London) DR. CHERI FLORANCE knew that her son Whitney was different from the moment he was born. Despite expert assurances that he was "perfect," her maternal instincts told her

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