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The mind of a maverick


EYE ON ALUMNI | Cheri Florance, '70 MA., '75 Ph.D. ''I thought, there's something going on here that is very hopeful. I just have to figure it out." When told that she should institutionalize her son, Cheri Florance set out on a radically different route instead. By KRISTEN CONVERY. Cheri Florance is driven by

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5 Steps to Acquiring and Improving Communication Skills for Life


Article was featured in Issue 58 – The Greatest Love of All: Family March 27, 2017 by Dr. Cheri L. Florance • Autism Articles, Communication Molly was diagnosed with autism at age two. She was quiet—almost non-verbal—and did not play with other children. To communicate, she led her parents to what she wanted or needed.

5 Steps to Acquiring and Improving Communication Skills for Life2017-09-06T10:33:58-04:00

Lexicoders & Opticoders; The Verbal Brain vs. The Visual Brain


DO YOU HAVE MOVIE DREAMS OR RADIO DREAMS? If dreami11g for you is like listening to a radio, you are a lexicoder. Many authors, for example, who obviously are more verbal than mosc people, will have conversations in their head with their characters or imagine conversations their characters have with each other.

Lexicoders & Opticoders; The Verbal Brain vs. The Visual Brain2017-09-06T10:33:35-04:00

How I Taught My Son To Talk


A mother was told to put her deaf, mute, autistic son in an institution. Instead, she invented a new lexicon. April 8, 2004 Penny Wark, The Times (London) DOCTORS TOLD BRAIN SPECIALIST CHERI FLORANCE THAT HER SON WAS AUTISTIC, BUT SHE BELIEVED THEY WERE WRONG. SHE TELLS OF HOW SHE RISKED HER WHOLE FAMILY'S

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Educating Whitney Determined mother saves her youngest child from a dismal diagnosis


January 19, 2004 Dennis Fiely THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH Cheri Florance, the author of Maverick Mind (G.P. Putnam's Sons, $23.95), will lead a workshop March 26-28 at Ohio State University. Visit www.cheriflorance.com for more details. Florance sketches a portrait of her son Whitney, the subject of her book. The heart of a mother coupled

Educating Whitney Determined mother saves her youngest child from a dismal diagnosis2017-09-06T10:32:23-04:00



As printed in Simply The Best - South Florida + life + style March/April 2013 Issue By Cheri L. Florance, Ph.D, Brain Scientist Are you confused about how your child’s brain is developing? Confused about how to best help your child succeed at school? Distraught about your child’s future? The Visual Thinker and School About

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The Boca Brain Retreat


As printed in Simply The Best Magazine May/June 2013 Issue THE BOCA BRAIN RETREAT Dr. Cheri Florance, Boca Raton-Based Brain Scientist, Selects Team of Experts to Instruct Children and Adults Classified as Autistic Cheri Florance, Ph.D. is a world renowned brain scientist trained at the National Institute of Health, best-selling author of The Maverick Mind, and founder

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AUTISM CURED? Whitney’s story


As printed in Natural Medicine Issue July 2008 DR CHERI FLORANCE is the President of Brain Engineering Labs in New York City.  A former National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical researcher, she has helped highly visual children and adults improve attention, memory, listening, reading, writing and speaking for nearly 40 years. Now she consults internationally

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How I saved my son from a living death


A brave mother tells Michelle Stainistreet of her 16-year fight after her child was misdiagnosed as being autistic. April 11, 2004 Michelle Stainistreet, Sunday Express (London) DR. CHERI FLORANCE knew that her son Whitney was different from the moment he was born. Despite expert assurances that he was "perfect," her maternal instincts told her

How I saved my son from a living death2017-09-06T10:30:13-04:00
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